Post Apocalyptic Taco Truck, or PATT for short, is an absurdist post-apocalyptic comic book set against the chaotic wasteland of the future. Our heroes Eddie, a Kamikaze head chef with nothing to lose and a dream to gain, and his hyper-intelligent simian sidekick and sous chef, Sanchez, set out across the wasteland in their armored taco truck in order to win a trans-dimensional cook off and achieve ultimate chef fame.

"Felt like MAD MAX meets DEADPOOL. Very cool! And I love the recipe at the end. Big thumbs up." 
- Andrew Cosby, Screenwriter of Hellboy (2018)

"Fucking dope, man. You put Satan in this mother fucker?!"
- Kevin Smith, Writer/Director,
 Fatman on Batman Podcast

Our current schedule will release two brand new pages of the comic every week.

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